Welcome to Molyneau Group, a family construction company serving Surrey and nearby areas. We’re all about helping young families achieve their dream of owning a modern, fancy home. We specialise in making the most of small spaces and creating stylish, upscale houses that are timeless. Our team of experts is here to bring your dream home to life, ensuring it matches your style and fits your budget. At Molyneau, we’re all about affordable luxury, making your dream home closer than you think.

Our Work


St Georges Hill, Weybridge

Surbiton, London

kingston, London

At Molyneau, we orchestrate a seamless journey to bring your dream luxury home to life. Here is a general process of how we work:

1. Consultation & Design
2. Planning
3. Craftsmanship & Construction
4. Quality Assurance
5. Interior Finishing
6. Landscaping & Outdoor Spaces
7. Final Walkthrough
8. Handover & Celebration

We guarantee to turn your dreams into reality, offering a comprehensive, stress-free experience in creating your ideal luxury residence.

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